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2020 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE! The contemporary double-strung harp has fascinated harp players and listeners since its inception in 1989. The instrument’s ability to overlap melody and harmony in the same range, as well as its characteristic “echo” effect, makes it a natural outlet for musical creativity. Some harpers and harpists have learned its secrets through instinct and experimentation—but many potential players still ask: “How do you play that thing?”

Make Mine a Double is the first beginning-level method available for contemporary double-strung harp. In this book, Cynthia Shelhart, a double-strung harp specialist since 1992, identifies the musical techniques you need to play this unique instrument. Make Mine a Double provides exercises, etudes, arrangements and resources for your journey to double-strung enjoyment and success.

Make Mine a Double is available in 3 options: as a coil-bound print book, a PDF download, or a print book/PDF download combination package.

The 148 pages include:

  • 66 exercises and etudes to support each area of technique, for large and small double-strung harps.
  • 15 additional arrangements for double-strung harps, playable on both large and small instruments.
  • Background information to answer questions frequently asked by double-strung harp players.

And new online resources (visit the Resources page) for the 2020 edition include:

  • Up-to-date information on double-strung harp luthiers, performers and repertoire.
  • 81 full-length recordings of the musical selections from this book, available for convenient online listening and downloads.


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