What I'm working on right now

Summer 2018

I'm at home in Chesterton, Indiana, currently working on:

  • New harp and vocal music for my upcoming concerts (check my calendar here)
  • Voice lessons with my teacher Ellen Hargis (Chicago IL)
  • Business development with my coach Lisa Robbin Young (Nashville TN)
  • Plans to attend the 2018 Historical Harp Society Conference in Queens NY, while my music educator husband tracks down nearby jazz history and exotic eats
  • Selecting next year's choral and handbell music for my musicians at St. John's United Church (Chesterton IN)
  • Playing church piano at St. John's while our collegiate pianist is on summer break

The best ways to keep in touch with me:

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  • Email me at harp AT cynthiashelhart DOT com (link below)

You can find out more about me on my about page.

This page inspired by Austin Kleon and Derek Sivers.