About Cindy

Please, call me Cindy! I’m an author, speaker, musician, and a bit of a harp rebel. Not necessarily in that order! I’ve been playing harp most of my adult life, and specializing in double-strung harp for nearly 30 years. I literally wrote the book for beginners who want to learn to play the double-strung harp, and my book of lead sheets for harp is a must-have for harpists of all levels. I’ve even won the US National Scottish Harp Championship and teach harp lessons both virtually and in my Indiana-based studio. 

I love to compose, perform, teach, and publish old and new music for harp (especially the double-strung harp!). 

Why do I play the double-strung harp? 

Not only is it a modern take on a classic instrument, double-strung harp is also the most flexible and accessible of all harps. It’s portable, it’s affordable, and it allows you to express yourself in so many ways. It takes courage to express yourself, and with double-strung harp, you can create and innovate in ways that you can’t on any other harp. Because it’s still fairly new, not a lot of people know how versatile the double-strung harp can be. I’m on a mission to tell the world about just how awesome this instrument is!

Media Bio

Cindy (Cynthia) Shelhart is an international authority on double-strung harp performance and pedagogy. She has been a double harp specialist since 1992, and literally wrote the book used by double harp students around the world. Make Mine a Double is the first beginning method book written specifically for the modern double-strung harp, while her most popular book, Tunes to Go: 400 Tunes in Lead Sheet Format for the Harp, has become a standard among harpists and harp ensembles of all levels. Cindy is a past winner of the US National Scottish Harp Championship and is in international demand as a festival clinician, speaker, and performing artist. 

Cindy performs historical, traditional, and original music for double-strung harp, and has two full-length albums to her credit. She also provides music for special events. 

Cindy lives in Chesterton, Indiana, where she teaches harp in her online studio. You can learn more about Cindy at https://cynthiashelhart.com.

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