Renaissance Bk/CD Set


Renaissance Bk/CD Set


 The Renaissance Faire Companion: Arrangements and Practical Advice for Lap, Lever and Pedal Harps, and Other Melody and Harmony Instruments by Cynthia Shelhart

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The Renaissance Faire Companion is for all harpers, harpists and other musicians who have heard the call of a Renaissance Faire or other ancient history re-enactment. The harp arrangements and their corresponding Fake Book section, along with valuable performance advice, are ideal for the first-time Faire harper.

Written especially to fill a need for lap harp music, The Renaissance Faire Companion can also be used by harpers and harpists with larger harps, and by musicians who play other melody and harmony instruments (such as fiddles and flutes, guitars and more). A companion CD recording is included to assist in learning the harp arrangements.

Contents include:

  • 26 harp arrangements of medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music, for lap, lever & pedal harps.
  • Fake Book section with corresponding melodies & chords, for players of other instruments.
  • Performance notes for the harp arrangements, including lyrics for 9 songs.
  • Guidelines for Faire preparation: music, storytelling, costuming, and more.
  • Faire survival tips for you and your harp.
  • Resource guides to additional information, including Internet resources.
  • Geographical list of Renaissance Faires and similar events.
  • Companion CD of the harp arrangements.

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26 harp arrangements for lever or pedal harp, corresponding Fake Book, performance advice & more. Book: 148 pages, 3-hole punched for use in your own 3-ring binder (binder not included); companion CD included.

Coming soon: sample pages.