Cyber celebration: new webstore finally open for business!

by Cynthia Shelhart in , , ,

After wrestling with countless platforms and gateways for most of 2011, I'm so excited to announce that the store for my site is finally *open* for business! The "Store" link on my website will take you directly to

In the interests of "going green" and improved customer service, my harp music books are now also available for instant download in digital format:

The store is viewable on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and most Android phones & tablets) for easy & secure on-the-go shopping during the busy holiday season. My favorite feature is probably the MP3 players on my CD product pages. (Love these!)

I'm still working on some of the features, but the secure shopping environment is ready to go! Thanks for everyone's patience while I found the right solutions for you.

Time for a happy dance!